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Our partnership began when we worked at the same community college in NY State as nursing lab coordinator and nursing instructor and upon meeting immediately became thick as thieves.   We discovered a shared mission- to bring the simulation program up to current practices and provide a new learning experience for our students. Our infectious excitement and positive student outcomes motivated the rest of the faculty to get onboard with simulation.  


Our “let’s dive in” attitude and hard work gave us many opportunities to present at regional and national conferences.  We also did a research study together which is published in a vetted nursing simulation journal. By the time we both left the college, our facility was recognized throughout the region for having the leading nursing simulation program and our peers looked to us as a resource for implementing innovative ideas to solve problems. 


Outside of work, we carried on our friendship and our “let’s dive in” approach. It led us to become Black Belts in Taekwondo! 


The medication administration system that we sell came out of being super frustrated with what was available on the market.  Our school had purchased one piece of equipment that we were led to believe would solve our medication administration teaching problems.  It came with a lot of limitations—some of them were apparent right away while others were revealed in the subsequent weeks we tried to use it— always at the most inconvenient times- just as the students had a big simulation event. It eventually became a “photo op” on tours of the simulation labs because it looked so “state of the art”— but was really just gathering dust.  


First, we developed a PowerPoint solution that worked better.  It wasn’t perfect and had several glitches that we knew could be overcome if we used a different platform. We decided to work on innovating our own solution.  We would meet at the local coffee shop in the evening each week for a couple of years.  We were asked to do a presentation in Maryland. During our trip, we met a simulation faculty member who ended up being our beta tester for a couple of years.  She gave us feedback and we would go to the coffee shop and refine the features.


In 2015, we officially became nurse entrepreneurs by establishing our LLC, sim2grow! Our story continues as our company gains traction in the nursing simulation education space. We have been able to bring sim2grow to large audiences at nationally recognized conferences including: INACSL, SimGHOSTs, and OADN. We also are very excited to sponsor regional simulation conferences.

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“Recently student reps spoke at a faculty meeting and one of the things they brought up was sim2grow’s medication administration system and how it was so terrific and made simulation more realistic.When I give the new students an intro to sim2grow’s medication administration system, I mention how it was created by two nurses and how you never know how you will use your nursing knowledge.”