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Give Student Nurses unlimited


with sim2grow's TOTAL med room to bedside solution

Easy Med Admin Training Video

Watch sim2grow Med Pass Practice

Medication Administration is too important to not get right!

This VIDEO shows just how easy it is to give student nurses UNLIMITED med pass practice in the safety of your nursing simulation less than 45 seconds!


Why sim2grow?

  • Stop wasting money and time on cobbling together complicated equipment that doesn't work like you had hoped.
  • Don’t let students go to clinical confused and unprepared.
  • Save Clinical Faculty from stressful anxiety.

Teaching Nursing Students how to pass meds is too important to not get right. Students deserve unlimited practice because nurses should never feel unprepared when they administer medication.

Like you, we care about student success. sim2grow’s medication administration training system was created by experienced Nurse Educators. We have been helping schools since 2015. Thousands of nursing students have gained confidence and experience using our system.

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Join us for a 45-minute demonstration of sim2grow's Total Medication Administration Training Solution.  See just how easy it is to have med room to bedside med pass training in your nursing program.

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Add med admin training to EVERY part of your curriculum with these practical tips!

Current sim2grow Customers


The sim2grow difference is brought to you by Nursing Simulation Educators

Nursing programs need an integrated med room to bedside solution to train students in safe medication administration. This training is too important to not get right...students deserve unlimited practice because patient lives are at risk.

You deserve equipment that is reliable day in and day out.

You need an EASY solution to provide unlimited medication administration practice for student nurses in the safety of the nursing simulation lab. With sim2grow, med pass practice includes:

  • Integrated all-in-one product.
    • No need to purchase other products to teach all critical element of med administration.
    • Includes dispensing unit, medication tags, barcode scanning of patient and med, and electronic documentation.
  • Sustainable- reusable barcode tags overcoming the need for expensive consumables
  • Completely customizable-add as many patients and med orders as needed
  • Simple one-time initial set up in minutes without the need for ongoing "behind the scenes" reset of the inventory or medication orders.
  • Instant automatic reset between users
  • Onboarding includes Initial faculty and super user trainings
  • Ongoing customer support and annual faculty training

We know each program is unique. First, you choose a sim2grow system level matching the size and needs of your program. No need to accept a one-size-fits-all product. Then decide how best to protect your investment with one of the licensing programs. With either one, we provide continued support well beyond the initial purchase.

How to Get Started


1. Schedule a Virtual Demo


2. Get a Quote that Fits

student at med cart

3. Med Pass is Second Nature

Take Your Program to the Next Level

At sim2grow we know you want to be a Nursing Simulation Champion. In order to become one, you need realistic training equipment. The problem is most systems are too complicated, incomplete and costly. This leaves you feeling frustrated and unprepared. We believe students deserve unlimited practice. We understand the needs of lab staff, faculty and students. That’s why we designed a system that is user friendly, easy on the budget and lets learners get it right. Here’s how to get started:

  • Step 1: Schedule a Virtual Demo
  • Step 2: Customize Your Quote
  • Step 3: Med Pass Becomes Second Nature to Students

Reserve your spot for a demo so you can stop watching your students struggle and start preparing them for their future!

Choose the Level to Meet Your Needs

Premium Plus

3 students working at the same time!
  • Proprietary software
  • 1 Dispensing Cart & Dispensing iPad
  • 3 eMAR iPads & 3 Barcode Scanners
  • 2 sets of med tags and bottles
  • 3 Preloaded Patients

Price Sheet includes License Details


2 students working at the same time
  • Proprietary software
  • 1 Dispensing Cart & Dispensing iPad
  • 2 eMAR iPads & 2 Barcode Scanners
  • 1 sets of med tags and bottles

Price Sheet includes License Details


1 student working at a time
  • Proprietary software
  • 1 Dispensing Cart & Dispensing iPad
  • 1 eMAR iPads & 1 Barcode Scanners
  • 1 sets of med tags and bottles

Price Sheet includes License Details

All Sales Final

What people say

“Recently student reps spoke at a faculty meeting and one of the things they brought up was sim2grow’s medication administration system and how it was so terrific and made simulation more realistic.When I give the new students an intro to sim2grow’s medication administration system, I mention how it was created by two nurses and how you never know how you will use your nursing knowledge.”


"We are getting to the end of our first semester on sim2grow’s medication administration system. The students love the system!"


"We are using the medication administration system quite a lot…The students are very comfortable with it and even our faculty who are less fond of technology find it very easy to use after doing it a few times."


"We got a grant to purchase another sim2grow med dispense system! So you will be hearing from the college to purchase this for us. We are excited to get another cart."


“It meets our needs!”

“I wish I would have thought of that–It’s not another high tech “toy” that won’t get used.”

“It’s beautiful in its simplicity.”


Complimentary tips to enhance
your simulation program.

Quick and easy to implement.

Is there an annual fee or ongoing costs for the simulated medication system?

We are committed to providing simulation solutions that are within most budgets. The affordable annual licensing fee is based on number of iPads NOT per student as comonly found with software. This allows your investment to keep up with current practice through software patches and additional feature updates. Since your team members may change from time to time, the licensing also covers annual faculty training.

To further protect and enhance your investment there is an optional warranty program to go along with the licensing. This covers the iPads in case of damage. At the end of three years, the iPads will be replaced ensuring that the tablets will always be compatible with the latest iOS and battery life won't become an issue. Any new formulary tags will also be provided.

Are there updates to software?

The annual licensing fee covers feature updates and software patches so your system will stay relevant over time.

Is this system compatible with other medications we already have?

One nice feature of the barcode key tags portion of the system is that they can be used alone or attached to actual pills/vials/syringes etc. So, if learning objectives include cutting pills in half, for example, the tag can be used along with an actual physical tablet (supplied by the customer). The same applies to attaching the tag to a vial of sterile water to practice drawing up an injectable medication.

Can medications be added to the formulary? If so, is there a limit to how many meds can be added?"

There are 118 medication tags and bottles with the system. The most commonly prescribed medications are in the formulary, but, if by chance, there is a specific medication that must be included to meet the learning objectives for a particular simulation, 39 additional tags are non-formulary “blank tags” to be used as specialty medications. These blank tags can be reused as other meds as needed.

The formulary medications were specifically selected to represent a wide range of medication classifications looking less at regional preferences toward specific medications. The overarching goal of sim2grow’s medication administration system is for students to have a safe environment in which to repeatedly practice and develop the muscle memory and critical thinking associated in administering medications appropriately and safely and to become comfortable in identifying when to assess and document additional parameters in the medication administration process. This can be used in a practice lab and in conjunction with simulation scenarios.

This sounds great, but can I see how it works for my situation?"

Absolutely! It is understandable to have a need to “look under the hood” before a major program equipment investment. The next step is to schedule a virtual demo to see the system firsthand and to ask any questions you may have. If it is a good match, a demo unit can be requested for your team to try it out.

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