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Frequently asked questions

Is there an annual fee or ongoing costs for the simulated medication system?

The purchase price is a lifetime license (one-time price) with no annual fees.

Are there updates to software?

As the iPad operating system (iOS) software has updates, customers are contacted with confirmation that the iOS update has no impact on sim2grow’s medication administration system making it safe to update the iPad. As far as updates to sim2grow’s medication administration system itself: if there were to be a new version, it would be similar to new editions of a textbook– individuals wishing to upgrade to a new edition/version could choose to purchase that new edition/version. sim2grow’s medication administration system Premium includes software updates for 3 years.

Is this system compatible with other medications we already have?

One nice feature of the barcode key tags portion of the system is that they can be used alone or attached to actual pills/vials/syringes etc. So, if learning objectives include cutting pills in half, for example, the tag can be used along with an actual physical tablet (supplied by the customer). The same applies to attaching the tag to a vial of sterile water to practice drawing up an injectable medication.

Can medications be added to the formulary? If so, is there a limit to how many meds can be added?

There are roughly 100 of the most commonly prescribed medications in the formulary, but, if by chance, there is a specific medication that must be included to meet the learning objectives for a particular simulation, several “blank tags” are included that can be re-labeled. Those blank tags can be reused as other meds as needed. The formulary medications were specifically selected to represent a wide range of medication classifications looking less at regional preferences toward specific medications. The overarching goal of sim2grow’s medication administration system is for students to have a safe environment in which to repeatedly practice and develop the muscle memory and critical thinking associated in administering medications appropriately and safely and to become comfortable in identifying when to assess and document additional parameters in the medication administration process. This can be used in a practice lab and in conjunction with simulation scenarios.

This sounds great, but can I see it in person?

Absolutely! It is understandable to have a need to “look under the hood” before a major program equipment decision. The next step is to send a demo unit to test the system firsthand without “sales pressure.” While the demo system is on-site, a brief webinar is scheduled to ask any questions regarding function or processes.